Toddler Entertainment

We were recently sitting at a restaurant with little Q in his high chair just letting out screams. Big, happy screams mind you, but screams, nonetheless. He then smiles big before more screams escape. At least the table close to us didn’t seem to mind or notice from what I could tell. They must have noticed he was doing it for fun and was not distressed. Little Q gets a bit squirly even though we have snacks, little cars, and toys for him to play with. Not that we go out to eat frequently or hang out for hours while we’re there, but he wants to roam and a restaurant isn’t quite the most suitable place for that.

I have a larger makeup bag I got for free at some point that I’ve filled with things around the house for Q to do during these times. Pages from a coloring book, crayons, little cars, paint swatches to match colors, and of course, snacks. When he’s a little older, I can add cards, stickers, and lacing toys where they sew or lace yarn around a figure. Some genius people used a metal lunch box or mini tool box to hold the toddler entertainment items. Some other ideas were letter matching games, creating a pattern with Legos for the child to recreate, nuts and bolts and I think all of these are brilliant ideas too. My mom used to make quiet books when I was young so maybe she’ll make one for Q. It would probably help if I ask her though. Hi ma!

Q also likes to play with the wipes while getting his diapers changed. If we don’t keep it closed he’ll just pluck them out, lick and/or bite them, then grab another. Those are typically the times he’s got a more time consuming diaper change that are requiring more than 1 or 5 wipes, I am confident you grasp what I am getting at. We have numerous wash cloths for him, so I filled an old wipe container with colorful folded ones that he can pluck them out like Kleenex.

I’m not sure if you’ve seen the busy boards that have latches, locks, casters, calculators, knobs, and anything else you want to put on them. We possess so many parts from projects around our house that I’m going to talk my husband into collecting these so I can make one this winter because I’m sure he’ll need something to do when it’s cold out. Pretty sure he requires my help to keep him busy. Love you, D!

Inexpensive and/or free items we already had around the house or I urged my husband to save to question my intentions. Got to keep him guessing. Use these ideas or develop your own versions to keep those little ones learning and entertained!

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