Live Life

Approximately 151,600 people die each day around the world according to That’s 6,316 each hour! I’ve been remembering family and friends who have passed away too early, for me anyway. Lung cancer in a lady who never smoked, a mother with multiple children getting brain cancer, a father’s heart stopping, and numerous others. I don’t comprehend how it’s decided when someone goes, but I miss these people as do countless others.

My guess is if I passed today, I would like to come back to advise everyone to LIVE and cherish every second!

  • Do what you love.
  • Live in the moment and not the past. Make new mistakes.
  • Be thankful for EVERYTHING! Another day, each breathe, food on your table, a roof over you head, clean drinking water, all the little things we take for granted. They are ALL gifts.
  • Forgive others
  • Truly appreciate each day
  • Show people how much they mean to you.
  • Be adventurous
  • Have faith
  • Be kind
  • Show empathy
  • Be positive
  • Show gratitude
  • Be compassionate
  • Be honest
  • Help others
  • Respectful yourself and others around you
  • Stop trying to please everyone else
  • Make a bucket list and start marking things off
  • Find a way to improve the world, no matter how small

I sincerely love being a mom and genuinely cherish my husband and best friend! Becoming parents has made us closer where the more important aspects of life come in. We want to demonstrate these values to show our son how to be a good person so he can pass it on. Hopefully, we can help the next generation to be better people.

Life is short and it’s the only one you have. Make it count.

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