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All You Need to Know About Q’s Gotcha Day

We celebrated little Q’s gotcha day this last week! We have been so blessed with him in our lives; it’s hard to explain how we feel. Sometimes I feel guilty because I do miss laying around on the weekend watching movies, reading a book without pictures or using my phone or computer whenever I want without someone saying “I do it!” He is absolutely worth it!

D and I were working that day so I wanted to prepare a special dinner. Since he still really likes to eat with his hands, I made finger foods that we all would like. Here’s how we celebrated.

I started making a snack since Q was getting up from his nap not long after I got home. We started with caramel apple nachos with some chocolate chips. The chips were his favorite part, D and I ate the apples and caramel.

Caramel apple nachos – I highly recommend!

Daddy and Q found a movie to put on while I was finishing dinner. Roger Rabbit played while we ate our delicious, yet awkward, dinner.

He’s never sat like that before. Too funny!

For dinner we had pigs in a blanket and sausage with pineapple with a sweet chili sauce. Little Q did eat a half of a hot dog before dinner then just wanted the sausage. I think primarily because they had toothpicks in them and he thought he was big stuff. He didn’t technically try the pigs in a blanket, but maybe next time.

Our crazy dinner

Dessert was brownies with marshmallows on top. Q ate some marshmallows off the top, I enjoyed a small piece, and D didn’t have any since the caramel apple nachos were so sweet. It was such a fun night!

Brownies with marshmallow topping

The big surprise is our tot got a big boy bed! We also gave him a few adoption books to aid him in understanding how open adoption works and to let him know he can ask us any questions at any time.

Q’s bed and his dog

Little Q is getting more and more independent and we pray every day we can teach and show him how to be a good person. Our family has been blessed beyond measure and we are so grateful for our gift. Q is loved by so many, near and far, but mostly by his “momom” and “my daddy.”

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