The Start of Our Adventure

I love children, family, organizing, chocolate and I LOVE Pinterest! I hate my picture taken and multiple vegetables. I need to get in better shape, but dislike working out. I like to bake but I don’t because I don’t need to eat it and I will. I would like to learn photography, Spanish (other than what I learned in one semester in high school), and sign language. Having more time to make my own baby food, scrapbooking, start projects, and actually finish them in a timely manner are things I dream about. I was adopted and met my birth family when I was 26. I have been married for over 9 years, he’s stuck with me. My husband and I recently adopted an adorable baby boy who we’re so in love with!! I live in the country, work full-time, have a family with a dog and a cat, and this is my chaos. Enjoy!

My name is Lynae. My husband and I tried to have children as soon as we were married. After failed fertility treatments and signing up with an adoption agency for over 2 years we were matched with a mother that was having a boy! We did a video for the agency which had all the normal “Hi, our names are…we enjoy…we want to raise a child like…”. If you knew us you would understand how we had more blooper moments, more than the actual video footage, so we made a decision and put the bloopers at the end of the video. We figured prospective parents would either like it or hate it, but that is us, bloopered. We laugh a lot, try to have fun, and we wanted to be matched with someone who was okay with that. So a mother picked us, met us, and still decided that we were the couple to raise her child. Four months later we took home a baby boy who I’ll call Q!

During the years of fertility treatments and waiting we did a lot of planning. We decided we needed to raise our child to be a good person which I’m guessing every parent dreams of. We want him to learn manners, respect others, have compassion, appreciate what he has, and help others. And even though these are ideals we are hoping our child will someday possess, that he’ll be the kind and generous person we are hoping he becomes does NOT mean it will happen the way we have “planned”. We realize he will be the person HE decides but all we can do is try our best to set a good example. We want to show him that to make the world a better place it starts with us and we can make a difference if we only try.

I am sharing our experiences, ideas, inspirations and accomplishments in our journey to make this little part of the world a better place. We are going to eat better so we have the energy to do more and be around for our son longer. We want to learn how to declutter our lives so we can enjoy spending more time together instead of cleaning the house. We will try to give more of our time to others. We will do more things as a family and make memories that he’ll remember when he’s older. Our family needs organization in our lives and not just our house. Our plan is to grow to be better people.

So here is our adventure.

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