Baby Love

Babies eat, sleep and poop. Yep. There is also bathing, cuddling, napping, playing, cleaning bottles and clothes, reading books, making stuffed animals talk, having a funny noises contests, making mommy and daddy laugh until they cry, going for walks, and taking a bunch of pictures. Babies take a great deal of time, but he’s growing so fast and we are cherishing every moment! Little Q has 2 lower teeth so he’s chewing on his fingers constantly and occasionally both fists at the same time. He has a little mouth, but somehow he makes it possible.

During our time of waiting for a child, I started making a baby book because I knew that after we had a baby I would want to spend all my time with them. So far that assumption was correct. I’ve only put two pictures in it, but partly because the majority of them aren’t even printed since there are so many to pick from. That is merely one of numerous things on my To Do list.

We had previously heard kids take up a lot of time and that we should enjoy our sleep and quiet time before we got a child. Q has actually been sleeping through the night, or at least most of it, for a few months now so we’ve been really lucky on that. We actually enjoy not having as much quiet time since we’d been waiting for years for a child. I guess I still thought I would have time to do some other things done while he was napping and playing. So far that hasn’t been the case for me. It is the summer so my hope is when the weather becomes colder we will have more time at home that I can accomplish my goals of organizing and working on his baby books.

Q is now starting finger foods! He’s eating sliced avocados, watermelon, and bananas to start out. His favorites so far are the bananas and avocados, but he’s still learning to keep the food at the front of his mouth until it is mashed enough to swallow. Smashing watermelon between his tiny fingers with juice running down his arms and legs, Q’s having a fantastic time! Being the smart parents that we are, we decided to feed him outside a bit more for the time being. The dog is very grateful for his little treats that drip down on him and waits patiently for the next. Family fun for all!

So, long story short, I feel like I have no time to clean and organize the house, make homemade baby food like planned, work on his baby books before I forget things that have happened, and little Q is growing up quickly and I don’t want to miss it. However, we are having a blast snuggling, playing, and loving him as much as we possibly can! Everything else can wait.

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