7 Month Old Parenting

Parenting a 7 month old is somewhat easy, so far. They haven’t quite figured out precisely what you’re saying yet, but appear to understand and they look so endearing smiling up at you while waiting for you to smile back. When I tell him “No” he looks at me all serious and after a few seconds blows again. I tell him that we’ve had this discussion before and there is no bubble blowing while he’s eating! Even though he has butternut squash and green beans up his nose, on his eyelashes, and even in his hair, has the high chair coated after he sneezes to discharge bits from his nose, we have fragments about our shirts, all he has to do is give us a giant smile, and he’s forgiven. Even covered in food, he is simply precious!

I do realize parenting is going to get harder. We are reading to him, showing him colors, and numbers, but it seems like we’re behind teaching him these lessons. He’s only awake a couple of hours after we are home at night. Feeding, burping, giving him a bath, and getting him set for bed with a little playing and reading thrown in taking up that time. The weekends seem like they are full this time of year with weddings, family reunions, and birthdays, so don’t always get suitable uninterrupted, quality time with him. I’m not sure if all new parents feel that way or just me and my foolish brain. Anyway, I’m working on not needing to have the house clean all the time and having more worthwhile time with Q. My husband often reminds me that he is our main priority when I start stressing about projects to finish around the house. He’s so wise! I think I’ll keep him.

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