Eating Healthier

The Greek poet Hesiod said “moderation in all things” which, sadly, also encompasses food. I have a big sweet tooth and love bread! A great start, right? Well, my husband and I are in our 40’s so we need to stay healthy to be here for our son as long as we possibly can. We need to eat healthier now before Q starts eating more foods that requires additional teeth. I have found many delicious, low carb recipes on Pinterest, my preferred website for…well, pretty much everything. Okay, I do go to other websites too but it’s my first stop.

My husband loves to cook and is always butting in adding more spices when I’m in the kitchen therefore he often gets that task so I’m very appreciative he is incredible at it! He is fantastic on the grill and even makes his own delectable rubs. He’s just dreamy! At any rate, I don’t want us to spend the whole evening in the kitchen so I look for crock pot or quicker recipes, which in turn lets us spend more time with Q before he goes to bed. Our average time to make a meal at night is around 30 minutes which gives me enough time to feed Q before dinner is ready.

We usually eat fairly healthy but need to stop eating as much premade foods with so many preservatives. Some of my favored recipes are below but there are various versions of these so pick what suits you and your lifestyle.

  • Beef and broccoli
  • Sausage and potatoes with asparagus, zucchini, and squash
  • Baked sweet potato fries
  • Chicken salad wrap
  • Skillet recipes with chicken or shrimp and sausage with vegetables
  • Chef salad
  • Ham in the crock pot
  • Quesadillas

Going back to moderation, we are not cutting everything out. If we’re in town we will go out to eat but try to find something a little better for us than a bacon cheeseburger. We still eat ice cream or angel food cake with strawberries for dessert if it’s needed and it typically is for me. That darn sweet tooth!

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