12 Easy Lessons for Holidays and Birthdays

This time of year is absolutely crazy. Running around visiting family for the holidays, making food to take to gatherings, and buying gifts for loved ones all while hoping to keep within your budget. And hey, while we’re at it, let’s throw in a few birthdays! I stressed myself out and feel like my brain has been scrambled, but it’s better now.

Little Q turned 2 yesterday!! Crazy, right?? Okay, maybe it’s just my husband and I. Our friends and Q didn’t care, but I was trying to have everything set up and ready to go by the time we requested everyone to be there. My extremely dear friend comes up to inform me it’s all okay, so I must have looked stressed. After that, I was fine. What was done at that point, was done. So why wasn’t she there earlier?? I’ll have to ask.

We did a transportation theme because Q appreciates anything that moves and/or makes noise and undoubtedly prefers the combination. The cake and decoration ideas where inspired by Pinterest and even though the signs didn’t get printed for “spare tires”, etc., no one else knew they were on my to-do list. I used Q’s toys, except a couple, and it worked out perfectly.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 20191229_171342-1-e1577739340799.jpg
Airplane with plastic-ware, fruit train in back with dip, “spare tire” donuts, and “dirt” chocolate pudding cups with crushed Oreos. We did a mac and cheese bar, so everything else was toppings for that along with brats and hot dogs.

Q hasn’t gotten the ripping the paper/opening presents thing by himself thing yet so he had some help with that, we didn’t even wrap ours. He also looked puzzled why everyone was singing and the extinguishing of the candle did require a little help from his cousin. He was blowing but not really toward the flame. Next year, watch out!

I do enjoy catching up with family and friends; all in all it’s been a great month. A little busier than I’d prefer so there may be some changes in our upcoming year’s schedule. My current plan is to have the house picked up and cleaned by the weekend so we can veg because some down time is sorely needed. Little Q can take good naps and enjoy his gifts. I am looking forward to spending some relaxing time with my boys!

The lessons I’ve learned this month (some previously) are…

  1. December will always be a whirlwind month.
  2. Relax, it’ll all work out.
  3. Surround yourself with good friends that will tell you to chill.
  4. Request your good friends to come early so not to stress in the first place.
  5. Birthdays only come around once a year, enjoy them.
  6. Most transportation toys are LOUD!
  7. Pinterest is amazing!
  8. One more year before unwrapping is a good time and a much bigger mess.
  9. Pudding with crushed Oreos on top are delicious.
  10. Hype your friend’s kids up with sugar before you send them home, not at the beginning of the party. You’re welcome!
  11. Laughing at yourself can be therapeutic.
  12. Be grateful for the people around you. That’s truly what it’s all about!

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