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Here’s What Industry Insiders Say About Cleaning Your CEILING

There’s an insurance commercial out right now with a little girl inspiring rowers and telling them to work harder because it’s their dream. At the end of the commercial the little girl is actually playing in the overflowing sink with toy boats. The parents come in, pick her up, and have big smiles on their faces. Whenever I see that commercial I think, “I don’t know if I’d be as happy as those parents are if that were to happen with little Q” and my husband and I have discussed it. Well, our version of that commercial is not quite as inspiring.

We have a claw-foot tub in our master bathroom that has a shower handle we usually keep on the bottom of the tub since Q likes to take it off constantly. Last night he was in the bathroom with me while I was washing my makeup off. Immediately after I put soap on my eyes and face I hear swooshing water then scampering little feet. I threw clean water on my face, grabbed a towel, and when I turned around water was spraying everywhere. After turning the water off I realized it came out the handle, hit the side of the tub, and then the ceiling, walls and mirror. My husband had just gotten there and was in the door looking around then simply said “Well, we needed to clean the ceiling anyway,” then started laughing. That definitely helped me decide where my mood was going because, I’ll be honest, it was leaning a little more on the other end of the scale.

Part of his laughter started because when he walked up little Q was standing in the doorway, soaked, but had apparently wanted to continue viewing the water show. He didn’t go get dad or say anything to me, just stood there watching in wet amazement. Unfortunately, I didn’t figure the dripping water would show up very well on pictures so there’s nothing to commemorate the incident other than this blog and our memories. So long story short, our bathroom ceiling is clean.

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