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How To Have A Fantastic Old Lady Birthday With Minimal Spending

I recently enjoyed a birthday and was naturally asked how I celebrated. What does any 48 year old typically do?? Carefully construct a fort in the living room to watch an entertaining movie and tickle their adorable toddler, of course! Okay, so most 48 year olds don’t have toddlers or voluntarily want to make a living room fort for that matter, but you have to stay young somehow. For the record, I did not make forts before having little Q.

My lovely niece and sister-in-law stopped by and all four of us were in there, which Q thought was amazing! He looked excitedly for his daddy’s familiar hands that would accurately throw stuffed animals and squishy balls in through the window. Q screeched with infectious laughter every time!

I opened the front that evening, so we still had sides and the top, to watch a Disney movie while gently rocking my baby boy to sleep. My butt was understandably sore, but so worth the experience. Little Q definitely didn’t want to go to bed but hopefully he experienced sweet dreams. My boys are amazing! I am blessed to have family play along with my crazy, old lady ideas!

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