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Family Glamping

Glamping last weekend was what this little family needed. No cell service or TV! It was relaxing and wonderful to get away from all the general media negativity, even for a few moonlit nights.

We hiked to check out other camping spot options and positively enjoyed being outdoors where it wasn’t our own yard. We had to prevent the rambunctious dog and excited baby from getting in the creek even though it was getting hot and sounded relaxing for us all. Realistically, the idea of wet dog in a camper didn’t sound that appealing. There were a few too many active mosquitoes flying around for my liking but we were undoubtedly in their space so I couldn’t really complain. Little Q dug in the dirt and cold ashes from previous tenants. He would pick up generous handfuls and deposit them on his little head to go along with the sunscreen and bug spray he already had on. He was attractive, let me tell you. Sadly, it didn’t show up quite as well in the picture as I’d hoped.

Being back to work this week is a little easier because of our family fun getaway! By the way, the completely portable potty in the picture is not ours. I though it was a hilarious view from the camper, but I might be a little strange.

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