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Trello Managing, well, Everything

I’ve been searching for a free program to help me stay more organized that works with at least some of the other apps that I currently use. I found Trello by reading a blog about meal planning and I love it!!

There are independent boards with lists and cards which can be moved or copied to multiple places if necessary. You can make checklists or a recipe card with ingredients and instructions plus the website link and attach a picture. Cards and lists can also be color coded plus you can add countless people to share a selected board(s). Trello contains power-ups for calendars, Google Drive, and many others I haven’t used yet. There are sample boards in Trello and public boards you can copy to utilize their creative ideas. And did I mention it’s free??

My family reunion board includes food that we need to bring, tasks that need to be done before we go, and specific activities we’d like to enjoy while we’re there. I have a shopping list for Costco, grocery store, and Walmart all on the same card. If the hamburger bun count is too big at Costco I can move that item to the grocery store list without having to launch another app to retype it. My dear husband will soon be added to my shopping list, so he can view what I think we require then type in what he needs.

My camping board possesses lists of what to pack each time which I can move to the packed list so we hopefully won’t overlook anything. It also contains lists of what is needed for the next trip and where to make reservations for campsites in neighboring states. In addition, I also have a Growing Little Q, organization, bucket list, and many other boards to arrange my thoughts.

Trello was initially made for companies, so a group can track progress on a project. Luckily, it works great for individuals too! There is undoubtedly much more for me to learn about this program but I feel like I’m more organized already. All my lists, thoughts, plans, and everything in between contained in one easily accessed app. I really, truly love that! You should check it out today!

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