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Little Q is 1!

Little Q is now 1 year old!! It’s surprising how fast that time went and amazing how much we love him even more every day! He has blessed our family more than imagined and want to spend as much time as possible with him. My husband, D and I are grabbing all the snuggles we can before he grows up and doesn’t want anything to do with us. We are cherishing every moment!


Q currently enjoys plucking silverware out of the dishwasher to make room to crawl in and play with the spinner. He loves to flirt with any and all girls and doesn’t want to be left out of anything going on. When we lay on the floor Q loves to crawl on top of us, grip our hair to twist his face on top of ours. Then yells and licks our faces for about 10 minutes. If the dog is inside, he joins in making lots of slobber all around.

Little Q loves to crawl around the house as fast as his chubby, little legs will go then stops to see where we are behind him. He shrieks and takes off again when we are crawling either right on his tail or already above him. Listening to any kind of music makes the little tot bounce and wiggle in his prairie dog pose. When it becomes abruptly quiet Q’s likely scouting out one of the bathrooms either to climb in the tub or merely playing in the toilet because, you know, there’s water in there too. I’m certain he’ll be capable of starting the water in the tub shortly, then we’re in for big trouble. Dinner time wouldn’t be the same now without little Q chucking food over the side of his highchair. The dog sits right below him hoovering any scraps and licking sticky, little fingers. He’s getting spoiled.

Walking will be happening soon along with multiple teeth coming in to join the 4 little Q currently has. Eating pretty much anything you put in front of him, even sauerkraut, is assisting his growth. Our family is gradually learning some sign language, but definitely require more practice.


My husband and I would look like idiots if anyone saw us crawling about, dancing around the house, or making monkey noises while jumping around the kitchen. Luckily, we just don’t care!! Little Q laughs hysterically, which in turn makes us laugh. Our family is slowly figuring out what works for us. What time to eat dinner, when to put little Q to bed, how long to allow him to squawk at night (a more recent development), and how often to give him a bath since he never wants to get out. Our timing on things has continuously changed over this last year, but we’re getting everything worked out for this specific time in Q’s life.


My advice is to enjoy the time you have with the people you love while you are able. Life is short so make it count, even if it causes you look foolish. Cherish every moment!!

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