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Christmas Spirit

I have been struggling coming up with something to write about lately and while trying to concentrate on that topic my brain kicks over to what needs to get done before Christmas. Gifts mailed out, check. Christmas cards sent, check. Buy stocking stuffers, somewhat checked. Figure out what we’re doing for little Q’s birthday a few days later, kind of checked. So on and so on. Then realized I’m missing the whole point! I should be focused on what we are doing for others and not stressing about buying additional stuff.

Tomorrow I am going out to get a couple last minute stocking stuffers and hoping not to have to shop any more this month, other than the grocery store. Shopping isn’t at the top of my list of things I love to do. I will be stopping by Starbucks to buy some $5 gift cards and pass them out to the Salvation Army men and women standing in front of stores, freezing, with a smile on their faces. And to the customer service people who are getting blasted with customers asking for discounts, returns, or upset their items haven’t arrived yet. All the people I encounter, that I can afford anyway, that are making this holiday season possible for others.

For many, I believe this holiday has become very commercial. It’s turned into how much money can we afford to spend on gifts before delving into debt and what we should ask for. My husband and I want to adjust this perspective for our family. I realize little Q is a baby now and he has quite a few grandparents, but we don’t want him to get to the point of tearing open a gift, pitch it behind him just to rip open another.

With ideas on traditions from friends and online, we have a strategy on what we’d love the holidays to be like for our family. This year Q will receive one gift from us under the tree along with pajamas, a little car, and silverware to use himself for stocking stuffers. Our plan is to give a smaller gift then do something later as a family. It doesn’t need to be right away or extravagant, but something together to make memories. On top of that, we are going to spread out gifts during Christmas. Open one on Christmas Eve, stockings Christmas morning, then maybe around lunch, and if needed, that evening depending on how many are received from family. We’d like Q to appreciate what he receives and thank the person, or people, the gift was received from.

Okay, so those are our ideas for the Christmas season since I knew you were perched on the edge of your seat wondering. Smile and be polite while you are out and about this time of the year. Remember the Christmas spirit and what this season is really about. What are your family traditions and may I steal your ideas?


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