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Holiday Traditions

Santa, trees, and elves! Lights, music, and food! Establishing traditions while little Q’s a baby seems like the most appropriate time, even though I’m certain we’ll add to over the years. Q saw Santa for the first time this weekend and we are planning to take their picture together soon. To begin with, we had to point Santa out to him and the look on his face was pretty comical. It was a mixture of “why are you dressed like that”, “you’ve got a longer, whiter beard than my daddy”, and “why are you waving at me, crazy guy in red”. Little Q didn’t really smile but he did end up waving back. So no picture yet, but maybe next weekend.

This last weekend we went Christmas tree hunting, which remains my husband’s family tradition. Begining with breakfast in town with family and friends before heading up to the mountains. After everyone had picked their trees and were back at the trucks, we drank hot chocolate and snacked a lot. The older kids went sledding, while Q cried because he was teething and needed a nap at that point.

There are many Elf on the Shelf ideas that look fun. I’m excited to establish this tradition and will preserve pictures on Q and his daddy’s finds. Our elf has been at our house a couple of days now and has possessed a letter about his job, watched TV with the remote in hand under blankets, and is currently helping with the tree.

We are anticipating looking at lights, listening to Christmas music, and doing some baking to give Little Q the whole Christmas experience. What are your holiday traditions?

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