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Pool Party!

My husband took a picture of me last night in a blow up pool erected in the living room who then texted friends to establish if an intervention were required for me. Okay, so it was a little large for the living room, but I intended to purchase a big pool to play in so it was perfect. In my defense, there was no water inside just blankets, pillows, little Q and I with a sheet covering half of it like a tent. Q had a magnificent time! If my phone would have been nearby, I would have recorded a video because his little arms and legs were kicking vigorously at the sheet and he was screeching and laughing uncontrollably. The pictures I had taken are all blurry due to his excitement. I am thrilled our friends said everything looked perfectly normal since I wouldn’t have changed one bit of it for his happiness. Even our niece wished she would have been there with us when she saw the picture. My husband is going to be in there with us tonight when I first place the sheet on because Q is just hilarious.

I have extensive plans for the pool, so we’ll see how they all play out. Now is an excellent time of the year to buy discounted pools since summer is basically over in the stores. It’s an enjoyable way to corral Q with toys and blankets with enough room that we can join him in there too. In the winter the pool can be downstairs to fill with balloons, toys, construct a small city for cars, or whatever we want to help entertain him. One of these days I want to set up a screen outside so our family can watch movies on the patio while sitting in the pool on pillows with blankets and each other to snuggle with when nights gets cool. I am extremely delighted I bought the pool for cheap entertainment for the entire family! I highly recommend it.

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