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Living Healthier

Little Q is sitting up on his own and is super close to crawling so we ought to be in better shape to have the energy to chase him around and tell him “no”. He’s creating bigger messes, rolling further under furniture and into other rooms, drooling on more floors and surfaces than needed, and even has his own old, battery-less remote to play with and chew on since he craves to possess the ones we use.

You might have read that my husband and I got Q a little later in life and we are attempting to stay healthy to be here as long as we can for him. This last grocery run was a little bigger since our pantry contains more processed and high carb foods than it should. It’s the quick snack I reach for during busy, times which will be my biggest hurdle to get over, and the plan is that if it’s not in the house then it’ll require me to figure something else out. I bought extra fruit and vegetables in this last shopping trip than I have in a long time, but I did throw in some cookies for those times I need to pacify my sweet tooth.

Since Q woke up a little earlier this morning and I didn’t have time to eat much so I had a banana for breakfast, but I brought cheese, granola, and dried fruit for a snack. Lunch today includes fresh fruit, hard-boiled eggs, sugar snap peas, and cottage cheese. I put a ham in the crock pot this morning for dinner and we’ll use that for lunches this week. We bought broccoli from the farmers market recently that will be baked with olive oil and sprinkled sea salt along with baking sweet potato fries and fresh peaches that just might be assembled on a small scoop of vanilla ice cream for dessert. We will blend up some of our food that’ll be prepared without spices for little Q tonight and if he likes it we can cook extra to freeze for future meals which will save money.

Now I’m not saying that everything I planned is correct, like I might have too much sugar in the fruit I brought for lunch or I’ll just eat too much of it all. I just know that it’s healthier than some foods I could have brought. This month’s meal planning may not be thought out or the rest of the week or tomorrow for that matter and it may not be completely low carb and healthy all at once. I am working out the kinks, but I am going to force us eat healthier. It is essential for my husband and I to be healthier so we can continue to communicate “no” to little Q to help him develop skills to become a better person. We need to teach him manners like “it’s not polite to spit your food at mommy”, “please don’t screech in daddy’s ear because you’ll make him more hard of hearing”, or “it is impolite to gnaw on her face with your two little teeth”. I guess we’re all a work in progress.


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