Life is Tricky

It’s been a long while since I posted last and I apologize. It felt like everything in life did a somersault on us in the last couple of years and I wasn’t sure where to start. Since the COVID-19 virus came out, my emotions have been everywhere. I was numb for the first couple of weeks with so many things unknown. Are our family members safe? Will my husband and I be able to continue to work? How are those that can’t work going to manage? How will people with depression who are alone going to handle things? So on and so on and so on. Then when things started to settle down, there were questions about what is going on with the government, possible wars, and now a recession. Well, there are even more questions and concerns running around my head! Fortunately, I know other peculiar and imaginative people around me that I can talk things out with.

While I was absent from social media, Q continued to grow. He usually loves preschool, depending on the day. We’ve had a few challenges with our “plans” for him but I have faith we’ll succeed. Q’s still learning how to respect those older than him, like parents and teachers, and that he should NOT tell anyone to “just cut their head off.” Seriously, where does he get these sayings from?? He doesn’t say them at home, only preschool where I’m sure we, as parents, are getting judged. Whether we are or not, we’re doing the best we can. So there. Lol

I do love the moments when he gets out of bed, looks at me all bleary-eyed, and says, “I love you 10 hundred, 468 million. How much do you love me? No, say it in numbers.” It is pretty comical when you find out you told your child you love him incorrectly. We continue to enjoy watching the sunrises and gaze at the stars on the trampoline our good friends found us for free. Yes, he is spoiled. We have taken a couple of trips to South Dakota, went to a graduation in Kansas, and a wedding in Missouri. Recently, we harvested our vegetables and fruit from our garden and I am trying my hand at being a homesteader. Fingers crossed. We have been canning and dehydrating food along with stockpiling pantry goods in the chance the world somersaults again. I am thrilled to say I am preparing to be a beekeeper in the spring!

My wondrously patient husband and I talk about the world and speculate where things are headed, although in all likelihood, inaccurately. We are grateful we still have our jobs, are blessed to have spent more time with our family, and continue to plan for the future. There continue to be a lot of unknowns out there about what’s going to happen in the future and that part is nerve-racking, but it’s okay now. We have had a trial run. We got this!

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