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Unplug Your Life

“If we do not unplug we may miss the small still voice.” – M. Russell Ballard

Much to my husband’s dismay, I am not one to have my phone with me constantly “just in case” I receive a text, call, or alert for a new post on Facebook or Instagram. If it’s important, they’ll leave a message and I’ll get back to them when time allows. I’m not stopping playing with my son to catch a post of what someone’s having for dinner. Nothing personal.

Following the news is depressing even though I realize I should comprehend what’s going on in the world. Social media contains narrow beliefs and negative criticism from politics to the type of flowers the neighbors planted and everything in between. We hear it on the television in the morning, the radio on the way to work, on social media at lunch, and on and on. I do realize the news is inevitably going to have a bad story about something happening somewhere that needs to be known, but the days when story after story is negative, it’s heartbreaking. On any day, it sounds like the world is falling apart and I don’t feel it’s essential to constantly listen. It starts wearing on you.

Don’t misunderstand, television, cell phones, and social media can be awesome tools to obtain information and aid you in staying in touch with friends and family. It’s not the tools I dislike, it’s the content. And not all of it mind you. I LOVE the heartwarming stories of incredible people helping others and positive articles.

At some point you dearly need to turn off the negativity, step back, and take a much needed deep breathe. Look at the positives in life and stop to smell the gorgeous flowers popping up this spring. Surround yourself with people you cherish, make happy memories, and enjoy life!

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