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Remotes, Fans, and Baby Doll Head

Little Q is a mess. A hilarious, goofy, little mess! If I could capture pictures or videos of everything he does, we’d be rich.

Any time he notices our phones are out, our tot wants to see himself in it then hold it with both hands so it’s unusable. Last night I opened a game on my phone since my husband and I barely had 3 minutes left on the computer. He sneezed and blew raspberries all over it then licked it a few times for good measure all without letting the phone go of his tiny, strong grasp.

Every night we watch Q to witness what he’ll do next. Our little tyke has a toy train where you push the stack down and it plays music and rolls. Yesterday, he set it out with his mouth then crawled after it to start it again, with his mouth. We had a few toy totes donated, and I believe one of them is where the baby doll head came from, but who knows at this point. Regardless, we posses a bodiless head that he absolutely adores. I’m sure that’s not creepy. Q gives it rides in his train which we did obtain a couple of videos of him, it’s pretty hilarious. Our son lets the head ride all over the house with him crawling right next to it to make sure it is safe, I guess.

The first thing little Q looks at when he goes into a room is the ceiling. This boy has a love for fans and lights, plus he wants to be the one to turn them on and off. Otherwise, he points and bounces on his heels which apparently means “Hop to it old people, entertain me!”

Q is amazing at hauling things out. However, we are teaching him how to put things back. He is fairly unhelpful when putting laundry away since our youngster grabs clothes out of the basket and chucks them behind him as fast as he can. Basically, they can get thrown all over the room if he’s got time to chase items down to throw again and again.

Little Q loves to cuddle and snuggle, especially when there is any kind of remote or phone within easy reach. If this child can see one, he’s been known to employ us as a ladder to crawl up, climb the couch to get on top of the end table, and try grasping at it on top of the kitchen counter. We’ve decided he’s going to be a climber.

He makes us laugh, a lot! Little Q is our precious, entertaining, little mess that keeps this family young and we love every single minute we have to spend with him!

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