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Enjoying Little Q

The holidays are coming!! Time to gain some more weight that took me a while to get off last year. Yea. Our family is getting prepared for Halloween and setting plans for Thanksgiving which will be here before we know it. I‘m looking forward to candy, sweet potatoes, and ham, but can completely skip the turkey.

Last weekend we went to a friend‘s house who had a pumpkin picking bar-b-que. They live on a farm so little Q got to see actual calves, goats, geese, and pigs. We have a stuffed cow and pig that when you squeeze them they make the real animal noises. It’s sad but really funny that Q starts crying every time the cow moos, but at least he liked the real calves and the other animals. He also got to pick his first pumpkin even though he basically just looked around to see what his foolish looking parents were doing.


Not that it takes much for him to entertain us, but Q has been pretty hilarious lately. He doesn’t like the roaring noise of the vacuum cleaner but loves banging on his little piano with an enormous smile on his face. Last Friday night he was sitting on his daddy‘s lap and started screeching, again, with a huge smile on his face. Q and daddy had a screeching contest with a lot of laughing thrown in which lasted about 40 minutes. He has currently developed a version of an army crawl, which is also fun to watch. He’ll be amazed how much quicker crawling is when he succeeds in figuring that out. Yikes!

As for the daddy and I, we are eating earlier with no TV or phones and at the actual table. The uninterrupted communication between us is so much better. I’ll actually remember now when dad has fire department meetings or trainings. Little Q is doctor approved to eat anything we do as long as it can be smashed or made small enough for his 2 tiny teeth. He smiles when all of us are eating at the table and he‘s snacking on puffs after his real meal. I think he enjoys it too.

After dinner we play on the floor and read him books. I’ve always wanted to learn sign language so we are all slowly learning that too starting with the baby signs like “more”, “done”, “mom” and dad”. Little Q gets a bath a few nights a week which he highly enjoys and splashes everything, I mean everything. Q musters a beaming smile when I try to get him to say “Mama“, not because he wants to pronounce it but because he knows he‘s going to sayDada”. The little booger!

We tag team projects that Q isn’t much help with, like winterizing the camper or examining his clothes that no longer fit to store. I‘m looking for a place to set up his smaller pool for pit balls to play indoors for the winter since dad has already nixed a few spots. I haven’t gotten much further on the decluttering other than a portion of the laundry room, most of our bathroom and recipe magazines. However, there is a very long way to go if I only had extra time. All those projects can wait though since our number one priority is our precious, baby boy. He constantly entertains us and makes us a better family. Sappy, I know.

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