Master Your Dog Door in 5 Simple Steps

Here are 5 easy steps to help even you get through a dog door with skill. Masterfully illustrated by my son, Q. Pictures by yours truly.

Step 1: Make sure the dog or pet is not on the other side of the door.

Step 2: Get down on your hands and knees and stick your head through the door to verify you will fit.

Step 3: Crawl through, if possible. See picture for tutorial.

Step 4: Stand up with a big smile of accomplishment!

Step 5: Celebrate by going back through multiple times until your parents say it’s time to eat dinner. Throw a fit to get your way but lose that battle to go inside anyway.

Stayed tuned: Next month we’ll have the steps on how to finish your dinner by throwing your food on the floor then being required to pick it up.

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