Gotcha Day!

It was a gorgeous, sunny day up in the mountains with a slight breeze to keep you cool from the sun being closer. We arrived early in case there were traffic issues and it was an important appointment not to be late for. After we found a place to park, we fed Q chicken and rice with vegetables and topped him off with a bottle of formula. He then got his clothes swapped out for some nicer ones that we didn’t want to get messy. We were prepared.

We got through security and found the court room, then it was time to wait. Wait for our scheduled time, wait for the adoption agency representative, and wait for the attorney. Granted, we arrived a little early. Little Q rolled around the hall, squealed, and played with the grandparents while grandpa captured pictures on my phone so we could commemorate the event. Then, it was time.

Everyone assumed their seats, the judge came in, and court was in session. We raised our right hands to promise to tell the truth; each had to state our names and answer some questions with one being why we wished to adopt Q. The judge delivered a speech on how to rear a well-mannered child with values and respect, teach him to work hard, and basically saying he didn’t want to see him back in his court when he was older. He granted the adoption and it was finalized, little Q is ours for good!! I did well and didn’t cry, but it was touch and go when we were getting pictures taken with the judge. We no longer need to carry around paperwork saying we are allowed to have him with us or tell the agency when we are traveling out of state. He’s stuck with us now. It’s the law!!

Lunch at a little Mexican restaurant with a cruise around downtown and Q was ready for a nap. He was asleep before we made it out of town. That evening daddy and I relaxed and played with little Q until he went to bed. Not that we expected any issues, but we were relieved it was finalized. Our dreams came true, our prayers were answered, and we have our own little family.


I have heard that “gotcha day” is not politically correct in some circumstances. In our case where we brought little Q home from the hospital, we thought it was the best fit for us. We do no intend to offend anyone by the name.

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