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The Latest Trend in Being Helpful

It’s the end summer and the bees are flying, flowers are still blooming, and some projects are getting done. If you’ve never met him, my son is remarkable! Little Q smiles and laughs, throws things when he’s frustrated, and is showing us how helpful he can be, even at almost 21 months.

Now it might just be little Q being the helpful kinda guy he is, but when I’m out picking off the dead heads for new blooms, Q is following me around plucking the flowers. Not the dead ones mind you, he really gravitates toward the freshly bloomed ones. I try showing him which to pick off and he consistently goes directly for the vivid new ones. He merely recognizes what he appreciates. However, we do need to advise him on how to get a green thumb because I genuinely don’t possess one.

Another example of his extreme helpfulness was this last weekend. We are in the process of putting in a sprinkler system, so we were trenching up the yard getting it ready to lay the main lines. I was working the trencher, my husband was shoveling out a few spots that were high, and Q was grabbing handfuls of dirt and hurling it back in. Now granted his dainty hands, even full, weren’t going to make a considerable difference in our progress but it was adorable how “helpful” he was being. They were lined up just right, it would have been a beautiful picture. Once again, I fumbled to share the moment by not carrying my phone on me 24/7. I’m okay with that, but you can close your eyes and imagine it.

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