Things That Make You Love and Hate the First Snow

Drinking hot chocolate, laying on the couch with a comfy blanket, an excellent book, and a movie picked out. Those dreams haunt my thoughts on a blustery, wintry day, especially the first snow day of winter. Sadly, that is not what I did.

I had to get out of my toasty bed, skipped my workout because it was cold and jumped in the hot shower which I didn’t want to get out of. After I drank my cold smoothie, I let the dog out to play. Typically I walk out with him to make him run, but I didn’t go past that side of the house because the wind was raging.

I went back in to get little Q up and dressed. He was so warm and snugly before completely waking up. If I knew the tot would have sat like that all day I would have thought about calling in to work. Unfortunately, I knew about 10 minutes in he’d be running around the house like a maniac making a mess so we proceeded on. Into the bedroom we went to change his diaper and clothes. He was not terribly impressed at this point. Q can be a very wiggly diaper avoider. I don’t blame him because those wet wipes are cold even though we blow on them to “warm” them up as much as possible. Hopefully potty training will remedy that situation by the end of the year. After Q was changed into colder clothes than the warm jammies he’d been in, we put on his jacket and hat and out to the garage we went to greet the cat and dog.

Little Q brought the dog a treat and gave the cat a few too. He knew we had to go in the car so up traveled the garage door, which he cheered for. This toddler loves electronics that make noise or light up, but not as much if it’s a toy. At any rate, this is the picture we captured this morning while leaving for daycare. I just LOVE that smile!

So in summary. I’d rather stay home on cold, snowy days and thunderstorms for that matter. They are relaxing to me, don’t ask me why. Watching that little tyke be so happy watching the snow and the garage door, makes being cold and windblown oh so worth it. We have been more than blessed with this little guy and we cherish every minute with him, especially when he’s got that enormous smile on his little mug!

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