It is definitely time I fill you in on little Q’s adventures in the last few months. I know, it’s been a while. I’m sorry, but I haven’t written for a while for a few reasons. One, I was busy working from home with a toddler and came back to the office with one less employee which added on extra duties. And two, I didn’t know what to write. I am saddened and disappointed. Stories of the Ozone healing itself, clear Venice waters, and less pollution helped the world heal. I was so optimistic that having to quarantine for months at a time would encourage everyone appreciate each other more. Instead, riots broke out and suicide rates went up. My heart goes out to ALL those affected. The way I see it the world had a chance to press a reset button. Unfortunately, not as many people tapped it as I’d hoped for.

On a more upbeat note, little Q has remained an active, lively tyke! He’s talking more, we are camping often, and are accomplishing a lot on landscaping. Here’s a bit of what he’s been up to.

  • Q’s words aren’t consistently in order but there’s a more extensive vocabulary. After dinner he’ll say “I may done please” instead of “may I please be excused” but we’re working on it. On the other hand he’s doing amazing at “please” and “thank you.” 
  • We are working on numbers too but one of his favorite sayings is “honk, one” which to me means to honk one time. Apparently, to him that means honk as many times as possible and hold the horn down for long, constant honks. He’s a silly work in progress.
  • Our camper has bunk beds that Q sleeps in. Whenever he wakes up at night, we hear the pitter patter of little feet running across the floor, then “bed, out” in a cheery voice. It’s not received quite as well at 2 AM but he crawls in, falls back asleep, and kicks us in the ribs until we get up around 6-7 AM. Sound relaxing?? It absolutely is not. Fortunately, we don’t mind, but we don’t typically come to that conclusion until around 8 AM.
  • On the camping bit, he absolutely loves being outdoors which we love! We’ll drive to the mountains, take walks, and build a fire. Q goes for lightly toasted marshmallows or no toasting at all, while D and I go all out with the fixings and eat s’mores.
Landscaping with Papa
  • D has been lucky to have more days off to work on our landscaping. We now have a sprinkler system, concrete edging, rock, and the grass has started growing! Little Q has been helping D and Papa with it all. will actually have grass to play on, at home, by next summer and it’s only taken 9 years. In our defense, we were trying to adopt, and the yard wasn’t at the top of our list. That’s what I’m sticking with.
  • Little Q loves animals! He gives our dog loves by hugging his neck then doesn’t let the poor dog lay down without attacking him. He chases the cat to try to pet him, but the cat lures him back to our bone yard (old tractors) where he likes to hide. Q is very intrigued with flies, bees, and even wasps and gets upset when we swat them away. If one lands on the outside of the glass he’ll look at it for about 30 seconds before he starts yelling at it.
  • As for grasshoppers, stink bugs, and the tiny ants; they are basically doomed at our house. Q will bend down to take a look, stand up to stomp on them, then twist his foot. After that he squats down to see what happened then stomp on them again. It must be a boy thing because we did NOT show him that.
  • Roly poly bugs and lady bugs are pretty safe. They are harder to grasp.
  • More recently, little Q’s been upgraded to a big boy bed since he figured out he could climb over the crib side. So lately he has been waking up around 5:30-6 AM, sometimes midnight, and comes to our room to announce “me happy!” Now granted, I am very glad Q’s happy when he wakes up but he turns into such a grouch later because he was used to sleeping longer. I also think he wants to sleep with us after he wakes up as he does when we camp; that is not going to happen. I’m likely going to be that bubble popper.
Playing in the converted crib

I continue to pray that the world will be a nicer place for Little Q to grow up in. That violence and anger transform into peace and love. Overall, we’ve been very fortunate to keep working during COVID, and Q continues to thrive and “me happy.” We hope you and yours are healthy and happy too!

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