Passionately Organized People

My husband made fun of me last Saturday because I was downstairs by 6:30 AM, excited to go organize the basement along with capturing before pictures. Once it’s completely finished, it’ll make for some great before and after pictures, at least I hope so. There is currently a large pile for a garage sale, a stack to trash, and a section we still need to go through. It will always be a work in progress with more getting added to it, but it is much better!

Our basement is unfinished, but we arranged a bed and dressers for company. We purchased shelving and now there’s a “wall” for company to have a little more privacy. I used carpet scraps and foam squares to set up a play area next to a window. It includes shelving for toys, the pool with pit balls and blankets, and a section for tractor and car parking. At least I won’t feel like I’m chucking company or my child in the inhospitable basement to hang out with the deceased moths. Okay, I vacuumed too, so it’s not that terrible.

There are many more projects that need attention, but at least we have a massive start on the one we should have taken care of a few years ago. I’m extremely excited!! Yes, I’m one of those passionate organize loving people!

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