Monday Thankfulness

Today I am thankful. Thankful for my lovely family and that we are healthy. I genuinely admire my amazing husband for being the devoted father that my cherished son and I are so lucky to have in our lives. Our incredible jobs naturally take us away from spending all our time with our adorable son, but they generously provide us the opportunity for affordable health insurance and naturally making our lives a little more stress free. I am grateful that I can watch little Q play outside, eat dirt, and get dirty screeching at the puppy. I am sincerely appreciative for our new adoption opportunity and humbly pray the baby is healthy and has a great start to this precious life.

I am thankful for waking up and the colorful sunrises that start my day. The gorgeous, sunny day with pleasant temperatures in the 70’s. Green grass and flowers sprouting up with the chirping birds and happy, hopping rabbits. Very good food shared with dear friends. Movie nights at home while relaxing with my family. I am grateful for people that inspire others to make this world better and those who like to pay it forward. Yes, I am thankful for these and so much more!

Take things one day at a time. Be grateful for everyone and everything you encounter! What are you grateful for?

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