Kudos to Social Media Moms

Hats off to the moms that show family pictures with everyone looking at the camera smiling in the beautiful, picturesque outdoor setting! Congratulations to those who work out which in turn possess fit bodies, even after children! Cheers to those who enjoy their picture taken and have perfect makeup and hair every day! I am amazed and inspired by all of you!

That is not my life or me. I hate my picture taken and when I do it is historically with no makeup on and unkempt hair because little Q likes to play with it. If it’s a selfie, it’s usually at an unflattering angle. Typically there are toys, burp rags, or an unmade bed in the background with a blurred toddler. Where are the older, slightly overweight, non-model looking moms? I must be in the wrong part of social media world because that’s where I fit. I am a jeans, t-shirt, and flip flop kinda girl. Basically no fancy style.

I do have other things favoring me instead of a hard, lean body with a magazine worthy home. We live in an average sized home with an unfinished basement, a cat and a dog. We randomly get blessed with dead animal carcasses or live critters our pets want to play with in the garage. Our yard is still unfinished partly due to fertility treatments, adopting of little Q, the process of working on this second adoption, and not enough time.

Even though I don’t have the flawless looking life, house, and definitely not the pictures I am incredibly proud of those who do. I am absolutely delighted with my wild, chaotic, non-stylish lifestyle. That’s me. Be yourself and have fun!

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