Become You

It took me a long time to find myself and not act how everyone expected me to be or who I believed I should be. I was the people pleaser and still am to an extent. I continue to say, “sorry” instead of “excuse me” and apologize for arbitrary things but some habits are hard to break, but I’m trying. Figuring out what I was good at and passionate about took me a long time. I constantly had that clinging doubt that I was going to fail or something would go awry so I shouldn’t even try. Granted, I have made plenty of mistakes plus some and having that doubt hanging over me definitely didn’t help.

And don’t get me wrong, I still have doubts, but I am a little more adventurous on trying new things, like this blog. It’s a work in progress and will likely always be, especially getting followers on social media. I have more faith in this project because I am hoping it helps someone know they are not alone or brighten someone’s day, or at least put good vibes out into the universe. I’m not working on this to be the top blogger with millions of followers or receive awards. That’s not my purpose or me. If I can make someone smile today by reading something I posted, I accomplished my goal.

Talking with people this week about media in general and how so many people will go online making rude comments but will not say it to someone’s face. I get it; people get frustrated and upset, but why tell everyone online that the McDonald’s ice cream machine is down and how mad you are about it? What does that accomplish? Absolutely nothing. Machines go down and need maintenance especially if they’re used frequently. Move on. The world has changed from when I grew up and, at this point, I need to move on too. I don’t think there is any way to get that innocence back.

Helping others, having values, and maintaining a positive outlook aids me in becoming the person I want to be. I am trying to demonstrate this way of life to my son so he can become a good person and not be a negative impact on the world. Become your best self by trying new things, focusing on wholesome habits, and making moral decisions. Encourage the world to be a better place one decision at a time!

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