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5 Quick Tips Regarding Q’s First Dentist Appointment

Little Q had his very first dentist appointment this beautiful morning. Here are 5 things I learned from that delightful experience.

  1. He genuinely loved playing on the slide and the lighted dance floor in the office. Next time – Schedule extra time to play.
  2. Saying the door handles were a hit is an understatement. Nope, nothing special about them, just the pull down kind. He enjoyed going in and out the doors, carefully closing them behind him. Next time – Hopefully he’ll be listening to directions better like “Get back here, you can’t go in there.”
  3. He absolutely loves toothbrushes so picking one out was so fun. I’m positive all of mine (electric and manual) have been in his mouth multiple times. Next time – Take him toothbrush shopping after to get multiple.
  4. The checkup went well but Q had an extremely inquisitive look on his little face. Naturally, he was wondering why this strange guy was gently pulling on his lips and putting his fingers in his tiny mouth. I dearly wish I’d gotten a picture of that. Next time – Have the camera ready.
  5. And finally, he got to pick a prize from a vast array of toys. Q carefully picked a star princess wand. Next time – Let him pick whatever he wants again, it’s his treat.

I sincerely love this little guy!! He makes my heart overflow!

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