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Real, Genuine People

Recently, I was out of town and encountered a number of people who would renew your faith in the humanity. Countless stories about a selfless lady who pulled over to help someone change a tire without hesitation, a man snow blowing the whole block’s driveways in the winter because he could, and a couple that spreads happiness and smiles wherever they go. Those are just a few I heard. It is extremely nice to hear there are people out who consistently try to be decent and are not only watching out for themselves.

Okay, here’s my rant. I hate watching the news since the majority of it is depressing. There are too many reality TV programs that essentially advise you to lie and deceive and then the contestants get rewarded for it. Or the shows where everyone “make out” to see who falls in love. Who came up with those ideas? Seriously?! And it can’t merely be one person who came up with it because there are multiple programs with those similar ideals. Plus, there are numerous people who want to be on the reality shows! Some of the crime programs explain how to manipulate the system, get away with unlawful acts, or basically become a criminal. I do realize not all the genres mentioned are bad, there are very good ones too. By looking at just these few examples, why wouldn’t there be discouraging and heartbreaking news stories?

Okay, so maybe I’m old-fashioned, or just too old, but what happened to shows that taught family values? For example, “Leave it to Beaver”, “The Andy Griffith Show”, “Little House on the Prairie”, or “Highway to Heaven”? Or movies like “Mary Poppins”, “The Croods”, “Up”, or “”Nanny McPhee”? I have watched a few previews recently that may have family potential like “God Friended Me” on CBS or “The Village” on NBC. I have hope that better programs will come out that we can watch as a family. End of rant. Thank you for being patient.

I believe that all children need to learn more family values than what is found on TV, movies and social media. Children require skills to succeed in the real world since it is larger than the bubble they currently live in. Chores to know how to work hard when it comes time to get a job, learn how to communicate clearly without manipulation to get their way so they can keep jobs and friends, manage money to be self dependent, and make sound choices, including mistakes, will all be helpful in becoming a good person. Learning honesty, manners, respect, responsibility, empathy, commitment, gratitude, compassion, dependability, forgiveness, and kindness is going to make them so much happier in life than money.

Yes, I have ambitious aspirations for little Q. I want him to be a genuinely, good person throughout life. I wish for him to assist someone who requires it for the reason that he wants to and not because he has to. I want him to make sensible choices so he’ll be happy in life and be able to share that happiness with others. I want Q, and us, to be able to improve this minuscule part of the world a small amount every day to make everyone we encounter a tiny bit happier. People in this world need a little more happiness. So enjoy your day and pass along a little sunshine of your own!


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