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Managing Time

Squirrel!! I am like Dug, the dog in “Up” where he gets utterly distracted when he sees a squirrel. I start putting laundry away and (squirrel) see something that needs to go to the living room, then tromp out there to (squirrel) remember I needed to text someone yesterday and (squirrel), I really need to water the plants outside, and so it continues. It’s difficult to focus some days when I see so much that needs to be done.

In a perfect world, I would have homemade baby food for Q’s chubby, little tummy every night, a 4 course dinner on the table for my incredible husband, have the all laundry clean and put away, the floors spotless, a gleaming kitchen, and the bathrooms immaculate. Well, that’ll just stay a pipe dream.

Exercising in the morning before work is a beneficial way to wake me up. Some mornings I do yoga, the elliptical or just stretching and crunches. Not sure if you read my About page, but I really dislike working out so none of this morning routine is necessarily fun for me, just required.

I choose to spend more time with my family on the weekends, so I’m doing chores every night to make that take place. Appointments come up during the week, so it doesn’t always work out, but being flexible is beneficial with a child anyway, right? Plus, if I can take care of at least some of my list during the week it’s better than nothing.

Monday – vacuum the floors and put away any extra laundry from the weekend

Tuesday – clean bathroom mirrors, sinks and counters

Wednesday – clean bath tub and shower, and put away anything out-of-place

Thursday – dust, start laundry and make grocery list

Friday – finish laundry and possibly to go the grocery store

We are limiting TV, email, internet, and social media because that can suck you in and take a lot of precious time. It may be more entertaining than cleaning the house or yard work, but for some people I’m pretty sure it makes them daft. Not you though. 🙂

Making something for dinner that we can have for lunch the next day or dinner later in the week has been useful. In the winter we cook a couple of days making breakfast burritos or bierocks/kraut burgers to freeze for those last-minute lunches we don’t have leftovers for.

If you haven’t read it yet, I LOVE to organize! Now that we have a child the house isn’t quite as organized as I would prefer. We are currently decluttering our house to get things more organized so there’s less to clean and the rest has a place to go.

This is what we’re working on right now to be able to spend more quality time with little Q. I’m sure we’ll need to change our management paradigm as we go but I’ve got high hopes right now.

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