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Simple Guidance to Reduce Stress

It’s okay if the chores take longer than normal this week.

Sloth-like Life

Take a moment to observe what’s going on around you and breathe.

Monday Thankfulness

Take things one day at a time. Be grateful for everyone and everything you encounter! What are you grateful for?

Adoption Update #2

Ready to expand our family!


We are sincerely thankful for everything and everyone in our lives.

On a Sober Note

Sometimes a little kindness and hope can go a long way.

Toasted Marshmallows and Wet Dog

Make what you do count to those around you!

Living Healthier

A work in progress.

Eating Healthier

“Moderation in all things” – Hesiod, Greek poet

Managing Time

We are working on our time management to be able to spend more quality time with little Q.

Angelique and Baby Paige

A Piece of Me

A little like me, a little like you, and a lot like us!

The Virginia Nymph

You have to make your own magic...

Jasmine Stanford - Writer, Teacher, Butt Wiper

Musings, critiques, rants and raves about all things motherhood and writing.


Our journey with Infertility


...I'm just doing my best

When Crazy Meets Exhaustion

My attempt at adult conversation.

Keeping it Real

Smile! You’re at the best site ever

The Bloggess

Bizarre thoughts from author Jenny Lawson - Like Mother Teresa, only better.